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1950s Heart Earrings, Rhinestone Pave, Pearls 1950s Heart Earrings, Rhinestone Pave, Pearls
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$ 28.00

1950s Heart Earrings, Rhinestone Pave, Pearls

Pave hearts make these ear clips perfect for a vintage style wedding
Approx. Size: 1" x .75" (2.5 cm x 2 cm)
Condition: Very good. No dead stones
Mark/Label: None
Get it before it’s gone

  • Classic 1950s cocktail earrings.
  • Rhinestone pave hearts set in silver metal accented with aurora borealis rhinestones, and simulated pearls.
  • Rhodium backed for extra shine.
  • Authentic Mid-century from a Newport Rhode Island estate. 


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$ 38.00

Black Velvet Close Hat, Lacquered Quill Feather

Mid Century Black Velvet Close Hat with Lacquered Quill Feather.
Approx. Hat Size: Fits Most. Diameter: 8.5" (21.5 cm); Feather length: 11" (28 cm)
Condition: Hat is in very good shape. Netting does have holes.
Mark/Label: None
Get it before it's gone. 

  • Luxurious black velvet vintage hat or beret with long black feather across the top.
  • Black ribbon bow and two faux pearls complete this mid-century look.
  • Wear netting down or under hat.
  • This hat perches on top of the head so it fits most.
  • Beautiful cocktail hat.




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$ 45.00

1950s Dish Hat, Brown Felt with Rhinestone Buckle, Hat Size 22

The dish hat was an immediate sensation when introduced by Christian Dior in 1947. We dig the rhinestone buckle on this one
Approx. Hat Size (cm): 22" (56); Diameter: 23" (58);  Crown Height: 1" (2.5); Width of Brim: 3" (7.5)
Condition: Hat is in good shape, small spots on ribbon edge. See the second photo
Mark/Label: Label size 22
One of a kind vintage item - Buy Now

  • Beautiful light brown dish or platter hat in wool felt.
  • Matching grosgrain ribbon hatband with large rhinestone buckle.
  • Fitted crown inside.



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$ 45.00

1950s Brown Velvet Pillbox Hat, Hat Size 19.5

A lovely dark brown velvet pillbox hat with distinctive front bow.
Approx. Hat Siz (cm)e: 19.5" (49.5); Diameter: 8" (20); Crown Height: 2" (5)
Condition: Good. Very minor wear on the velvet.
Mark/Label: None
One of a kind - Get it before it's gone.

  • Vintage pillbox hat in dark brown velvet.
  • Top of crown is slightly recessed.
  • Wide brown ribbon bow on front.
  • Orange satin lining.
  • Perfect cocktail hat.

This hat style is called a cushion pillbox. It is wider than the standard pillbox. Instead of fitting tightly around the forehead, a cushion pillbox has an inner crown that fits the head, suspending the outer crown out from the face.




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1950s Cocktail Hat by Eva Mae, Black Horsehair & Faux Pearls, Hat Size 20 1950s Cocktail Hat by Eva Mae, Black Horsehair & Faux Pearls, Hat Size 20
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$ 55.00

1950s Cocktail Hat by Eva Mae, Black Horsehair & Faux Pearls, Hat Size 20

Extraordinary black cocktail hat with alternating bands of sheer and opaque horsehair decorated with lovely pearls.
Approx. Hat Size (cm): 20" (51); Diameter: 9" (23) ; Crown Height: 4" (10)
Condition: Very good.
Mark/Label: Eva Mae, Hats of Distinction
One of a kind - Buy now.

  • Mid Century cocktail hat.
  • Open and closed weave horsehair creating sheer and opaque layers.
  • Crown is molded and is festooned with cream faux pearls.
  • A rope braid circles the top.
  • This is an exquisite design.

Hair taken from the manes and tails of horses was widely used in millinery in the 19th Century to that 1910s.  It was used much less in later decades as synthetic horsehair became available.  Most 20th century hats, like this one, are made of synthetic horsehair, usually crinoline.




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$ 48.00

Victorian Revival Ring, Faux Turquoise & Rhinestones, Adjustable

Lovely blue sphere in the center of this vintage ring.

Ring Size: adjustable up from 7.5; design size: 1.25" diameter 
Condition: Very Good
Mark/Label: None
Vintage item - Get it before it's gone.

Large faux turquoise center bursts from rhinestone floral surround. Gorgeous Victorian revival silver metal setting. Adjustable. This is a real statement ring.

Madge has a another ring in a similar style here.

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$ 42.00

Art Deco Statement Ring, Rhinestone Pave, Adjustable

A spectacular statement ring in black & clear rhinestone pave.
Ring Size: Adjustable from 7; design size: 1.5" x 1.5"
Condition: Very Good
Mark/Label: None
One of a kind vintage item. Get it before it’s gone.

1980s ring in an art deco style. with a fan of black and clear pave rhinestones. Large center teardrop or pear-shaped black rhinestone. Silver metal setting. 


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$ 45.00

Gold Mesh Knot Ring, Faux Pearl Center, Adjustable

High impact gold mesh ring

Ring Size: Adjustable up from 5.5; design size: 1.25" diameter
Condition: Very Good
Mark/Label: None
Get it before it's gone

Large gold metal mesh knot inset with a beautiful faux pearl center. A true statement piece. Even better, this ring is completely adjustable.


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$ 95.00

Kenneth Jay Lane (KJL) Pearl, Bead & Rhinestone Necklace

A classic Kenneth Jay Lane early necklaces.
Approx. Size: Total Drop: 17" (43 cm); large faceted black glass beads: 20 mm; pearls 10 mm
Condition: Very Good
Mark/Label: Kenneth Lane ©
One of a kind vintage, get it before it's gone.
  • This KJL necklace is a smashing combination of white faux pearls, faceted black glass beads and small black and rhinestone studded spacers.
  • The black spacers make each individual pearls really stand out.
  • A glamorous version of his famous three strand necklaces.
  • Vintage 1990s piece.

KJL is one of the most successful costumer jewelers of all time. He got his start designing shoes for Delman and Christian Dior, using his free time to create fun and flashy jewelry. By the late 60s, he had opened his own design house. Lane has designed jewelry across the price spectrum from unique design from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Avon; from Bergdorf Goodman to QVC. His jewelry is known for high quality and incredible style range including classic pearls to ethnic tribal pieces and even over the top rococo and baroque pieces. Every woman should have at least one piece of KJL in her collection. KJL has designed for many companies over the past 50 years and the age of his pieces can be determined by the mark.  Check out our blog article on Kenneth Jay Lane.


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Thanks to 2M Photography, 316-323-4093, for the lovely model (my cousin) and the beautiful photos.

$ 18.00

1970s Modernest Emmons Brooch, Sparkling Leaf

This Emmons brooch is spectacular with lovely shades of amber and light green 
Approx. Size:  4.5" x 1"  (11.5 x 2.5 cm)
Condition:  Very Good
Mark/Label:  © Emmons
One of a kind vintage item – Buy Now.

  • Called Sparkling Leaf, this modernist design is in gold metal with an interesting nubby texture. 
  • Abstract leaf vintage brooch in gold metal.
  •  Rhinestones are round and navette shaped.  
  • Stones are suspended in the middle of the mounting for extra shine.  
  • Shiny gold metal edge for extra flair. 
The Emmons Jewelry Co. & Sarah Coventry. Lyman K. Stuart, son of Charles H. Stuart, founded Emmons Home Fashions in 1948, naming the company in honor of his mother, Caroline Emmons Stuart. Soon afterward, the company's name was changed to Emmons Jewelry, Inc.
Sarah Coventry jewelry was introduced not long after the Emmons brand was born, and both lines were sold at home parties. The newer line's name honored Lyman Stuart's granddaughter, Sarah Coventry Beale (although some references claim that Sarah was his daughter). Coventry jewelry was typically less expensive than the Emmons-branded designs.

Emmons contracted with jewelry manufacturers to provide the styles the company felt its customers would purchase. Jewelry for both brands was often sold in matching sets. Sarah Coventry jewelry was most popular during the 1950s and 1960s and continued to be offered at home parties for a few years after Emmons 1981 bankruptcy.


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$ 45.00

1950s Sequined Cream Cocktail Hat by Marche, Hat Size 22

Would a perfect bridal hat for an evening wedding
Approx. Hat Size: 22" (56 cm); Total Diameter: 12" (30.5); Height of Brim: 3" (5 cm)
Condition: Very good. 
Mark/Label: Marche Exclusive; Empress Western German felt
One of a kind - Get it before it's gone. 

  • This 1950s Marche cocktail hat is a dazzler.
  • Cream wool felt with gold and white sequin art deco design.
  • This style hat with an upturned brim is called a Breton.
  • Has inside comb to keep the hat on your head.
Marche was a label active in the 1940s - 60s. Mentioned and/or advertised in fashion magazines in the 1940s




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$ 28.00

1960s Beaded Evening Clutch, Dark Blue Beads on Red Satin

Elaborate blue beading on this red satin clutch makes a very unique look.
Approx. Size: 13" x 8" (33 x 20 cm).
Condition: Very good. 
Mark/Label: None. 
One of Kind - Get it before its gone.
  • Vintage evening clutch with rows of beads in dark blue in a wave pattern.
  • Bright red satin lining shows through the beading for a cool dimensional look.
  • One compartment and one pocket.
  • Gold metal zipper closure.  

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